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Services Provided

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Custom Landscaping

Our experienced landscapers will help you come up with a matching design for your land that incorporates your wish list.  We have an excellent team of professionals who have access to beautiful tropical plants, and a wide array of stonework possibilities.

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You and your guests can enjoy a professionally-built, durable pool with Ion Outdoors.  Each one is unique, with your choice of shape, color, tile, interior and finish. We will help you decide on a modern and elegant design that will fit your home.  Our projects can include a full-size pool with side attachments, filters, lighting, heating, and a 3-year warranty. And the care and detailed focus put in by our experienced team ensures quality that will last.

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Outdoor Structures

Here at Ion Outdoors, we pride ourselves in providing structurally sound designs to match the vision of our clients.  We center ourselves around decks, patios and cabanas, and we’re constantly expanding. Common projects can include fireplaces with stone exterior walls, back patios toned with stain for color and durability, or screen porches.  Get in touch for more information.

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